Unit 3: Understanding Matter and Energy - Light and Sound

Students will become familiar with the properties of light and sound by investigating and
observing how these forms of energy interact with various objects in the environment. Materials can be used to transmit, reflect, or absorb light and sound. By exploring the factors that affect sound and light, students will discover ways in which they can be controlled. Students will begin to apply this knowledge by constructing simple auditory and optical devices and by examining the impact of technologies related to sound and light on our everyday lives, including their use of energy.

1. Introduction to Light
Identify as many light sources as possible in this picture

2. Natural and Artificial Sources of Light
- Natural Light - light that comes from natural sources (made in nature).
- Artificial light - light that comes from non-natural sources (made by humans).
Test your knowledge about Natural and Artificail Lights Sources here.


Online Unit: Light and Sound