Unit 1: Life Systems - Cells

Cells are the smallest unit of life, and each cell is a system nested within a system. In Grade 8, students will continue to develop their knowledge of organisms by focusing on the structure and function of cells in plants and animals. Our knowledge of cells has increased enormously since the middle of the twentieth century, and students will examine the implications of this knowledge for individuals, society, and the environment. Students will also be introduced to the use of microscopes. These are invaluable tools for scientists and provide students with opportunities to explore objects in amazing detail. Microscopes are precision instruments and must be handled with great care. It is important that students be able to identify and explain the importance of practices for handling and using microscopes that not only respect the fragility of the tool but also ensure their personal safety and the safety of others.

Summative Assignment #1 - Model Cell Project (Student Examples)
Summative Assignment #2 - Processes in the Cell (Student Example - Osmosis/Diffusion)
Summative Assignment #3 - Impact of Cell Biology & Writing Frame 3 - Expository Genre or OWN CHOICE Project (with approval from Mrs. Bader) Project Example


  1. Course Outline: Syllabus - Learning Objectives
  2. Cells Rubrics
  3. Note 4 - Cells
  4. Cell Comics
  5. Care and Use of a Microscope
  6. Microscope Lab #1
  7. Dry Mount Slides - Microscope Lab #2
  8. Wet Mount Slides - Microscope Lab #3
  9. Note 5 - Single Celled and Multi Celled
  10. Note 6 - Cellular Transport
  11. Note 7 - Diffusion and Experiment#4: Diffusion Detective
  12. Note 8 - Osmosis and Experiment#5: Food For Thought
  13. Note 9 - Cells and Solutions Experiment#6
  14. Note 10 - Tissues, Organs, and Systems
  15. Note 11 - Cell Biology
  16. Cell Explorer -  Test your knowledge of the cell and its structures, functions and processes.
  17. Plant and Animal Cells - A closer look at cells—a great diagram.
  18. The Incredible Mega Cell Comic - An interesting comic based on the cell.
Online Unit - The Cell